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Brittany Ferries MasterCard® Prepaid Euro Card
How it works

The Brittany Ferries Euro Card is easy to use, extremely secure and gives unrivalled value.

1. Apply For A Card

To apply for your card simply click on the "Apply now" button. After selecting this option you will progress to completing a 100% on-line transaction process.

Once your application has been approved you will receive an email to confirm your order / registration.

You should receive your card in 3-5 working days.

2. Activate The Brittany Ferries Euro Card

Once you receive your card you will need to activate it. Sign your card then log on to the website and click on "Activate card." You will need your card number and you will then be given the number of an automatic phone line to retrieve your PIN.

3. Using Your Card

You can now use your Brittany Ferries Euro Card in most ATMs, shops, restaurants, online, on the telephone or with any retailer with an electronic terminal that accepts MasterCard cards. You can spend up to £3000 per day, so long as you have sufficient funds on the card. To find out your balance, simply log-in to your online account. The The Brittany Ferries Euro Card allows you to spend at the currency rate you received when loading the card.

4. Top-Up The Card

When you require more funds, simply top-up your card free of charge online by logging into your account.

The Prepaid Card is an electronic money product and although it is a product regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. No other compensation scheme exists to cover losses claimed in connection with the Prepaid Card. This means that in the event that Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd becomes insolvent your funds may become valueless and unusable and as a result you may lose your money